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Party Packages

Party Packages

Whether you're looking to book your child's Birthday Party, or just organizing a fun activity for you and your friends, Arrow Tag is a great way to make memories with your friends. 

We offer much more than Arrow Tag at our events. Here is a list of our most popular games:

1. Capture the Flag- A flag is hidden somewhere in the playing field. Players must be able to find & retrieve the flag to bring their team to victory.

2. Doctor Archery Game- The group is split up into two even teams, each team nominates a designated "Doctor." The Doctor must bring back tagged teammates to the base. Once they do that, they are back in the game. If doctor is tagged they are out for the round.

3.  The Gauntlet: The group is split up into two even teams, one team is lined up on the sideline, the other team on the end-line. The team runs down the field as the other shoots at them. If you get hit, you're out. 

4. Mission Impossible: Everybody for themselves! The objective of the game is to tag everyone without getting tagged. If you're tagged, you are out until the person who tagged you is out. 

Archery Games & Activities

How Does it Work?

We will arrive at your chosen location about 30 minutes prior to the start time. We will set up the field, and have everything ready when you arrive. When participants arrive, an Archery Games Winnipeg representative will explain the rules, how to use the bow, and some different games they can play. Once the party is started, our representitive will stay to the end in case anyone needs help with anything.  Once the party is finished, we will clean up everything and be out of your hair!

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